Tuesday, March 2, 2010


so I have been thinking about buying the insanity workouts by Shaun T. It's about $120 and from the reviews have heard how good they are but I think it's not intended for plus size people so I am hesitant about buying it. From the snippets of videos I seen I really like the moves but it's just at a real intense pace. So am I ready for it. I need something structured. I wish I could afford a gym with a personal trainer that's the only way I am successful with working out and keep working out if I have a structure plan laid out for me. It's freakin weird I can make a plan, write out exactly what I am going to do and on what days but do I follow NO.

I think when I get some extra money which I am hoping will be in the next couple of paychecks I am thinking I will buy it and buy me some real good shoes. I can tell it's time I needing something lighter and more supportive.

I so want this to be a fitter 2010 for me.