Saturday, April 24, 2010


I have two major obsessions going on right now. shopping. food. ugh both have really been hard on me.

I keep shopping and if I don't go to the stores I am shopping online. Especially beauty products. I have spent like $400 in just beauty products which I haven't been able to use much because damn allergies. Allergies have been really kicking my ass this season. Between Hautelook and Amazon I have been going for broke. Oh and ebay again which was an addiction I had kicked a while back. But it's back. lol

Food for whatever reason all I want to do is eat. My latest craving and wants is chamorro food. Lots of rice and different sausages. I cannot find anywhere El Marca Rey Spanish Chorizo sausage. I have been craving that like crazy. I love to cook but I went through months of not wanting to cook and I am still like that I am more on easier and quick rather than homemade and the sad thing is those quick, cheap and easy things are not all that healthy. I need to focus on working out. I have gained some weight I can tell. So starting Monday I really hope to start with some real good workouts so that I can eat things like Chipotle or ramen noodles and not feel guilty.

This chubby girl wants to a not so chubby girl who is not so broke :) One can always hope right. ;p

p.s. I am pretty stoked a friend of mine offered to draw a tattoo for me. I am working on ideas to share with her. That will be last major expense then really I will focus on saving saving. Also gives me motivation to work on the areas I want the tattoo.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


while back I signed up for hautelook but never really looked at their events. I saw on facebook or maybe on twitter from A brilliant brunette blog that I read about Urban Decay having an event. So I looked and seriously I have a problem with shopping and hautelook did not help! hehe

Monday, April 19, 2010

It's an addiction

oh em gee. I was at a restaurant and I thought I forgot my lip balm. I was frantically searching my purse. My sister n law was cracking up. It's pretty well known among my friends and family of my addiction. I never leave home without it. =)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Urban Decay Surreal in Dream

I absolutely love my new foundation from Urban Decay. I can't say how much I have fallen in love with it. Yes being a little dramatic here but honestly when you wear something that looks good on you just feel great. It's a cream to powder foundation which I have never used before but the woman at ulta put it on me and I was instantly impressed.

Today was my first day using it and it was super easy to apply with the brush that's included. You take a swipe and apply on your face. Turning the brush over and start brushing all over. A little goes a lonnnng way. I skipped so many steps. With previous foundation (mac studio fix) I would moisturize, prime, foundation, then set it with mac skinfinish and then apply a mineral veil. whew. Now I just moisturize, prime and foundation and looks way better than when using mac. I honestly feel like a dream :) I have this clean, photofinish dewey look. I love it.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

beauty is pain.

beauty had been a pain on my wallet. I was suppose to get new tires on my car. and of course I went berserk on shopping especially since I haven't been shopping in forever. actually last time I went shopping was xmas and that wasn't even for me. So I spent over $500 at Torrid and about $300 at Ulta. Although it felt good to buy some new clothes and finally finally get to buy the good shampoo awwww how I love pureology.

I absolutely love love my new Urban Decay foundation. Since my dermatologist put me on Atralin which I am pretty happy with. It doesn't bleach and I have notice a huge improvement on my skin. And it helps with fine lines. Totally kick ass. But the down fault it dries my skin. And it has caused my skin to be super sensitive to moisturizers. I normally use Mac studio fix but the color has become icky on me that I have to dilute with a moisturizer and it flakes yuck. So I went to Ulta and one of the makeup people suggested a moisturizer especially when I didn't know she was putting on my skin and started to burn so they quickly took off and applied this moisturizer Mario Badescu Kera Moisturizer total difference and didn't burn my skin at all. Pretty reasonable priced and a little goes along way.

I will have to do a full review on my Dream U.d. foundation. I am probably going to write a blog of everything I am now using and love.

I seriously need to blog more often it has been really hard to in the last month being busy with work.

Hopefully someone is reading this and enjoying my randomness =)