Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Being unemployed sucks. I have gotten lazier, fatter and I smoke more. I thankfully started to pull myself together. I was drinking sooo much pop. I now have my two cups of coffee in the morning and spend the day drinking water. Hopefully that will help shed some pounds that I have gained being unemployed.

I have been having some bad few days. My boyfriend and I are just down worrying about money. It puts a damper on our relationship because we are both stressed out. I just started my period and have been having wicked cramps. None of my clothes fit. With no money to to buy new clothes. Eating healthy is so freaking expensive. We've been eating hamburger helpers which I love I think with the adding of your own spicing it up makes a delish meal but not so healthy. But they're so freaking cheap.

I am just ranting.