Friday, February 26, 2010

big girl in a skinny world

I heart this blog. Ashley Falcon is love. I really like her input and when she show items she has or purchased it makes me think huh never would think to try something like that. The last year or so I have been trying things outside my norm. Like getting out of wearing just black now I wear all types of color. I love her blogs so much I subscribed to marie claire magazines.

so now it's transferring fashion on a budget. *sighs* I have been needing some retail therapy and shopping for some clothes that I feel great in and look trendy would be totally awesome.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

goodbye red. hello dark chocolate brown

it took me awhile to decide what to do with my hair color. I had got so many compliments on red hair and really liked it. But I was faced with the keeping it up and since I am on a budget it made my decision for me. but I so love the dark brown and I have some red tints from my old color.

p.s. got2b products are awesome. I will have to write reviews and provide pictures.


Friday, February 19, 2010

My very first blog

I decided to create this page because I was following a couple of other blogs mainly on makeup. I just felt I wanted to share my rants, loves of all sorts of things. I think mostly of my obsessions. anything and everything on beauty products since I am a total product whore. fashion. weightloss and weightgains lol and who knows what else :)

I hope to attract followers who will find my blogs interesting and humorous.

so let it begin :) enjoy!


Beauty on a budget

Is there such thing? I've been having to live within a tight budget lately and one thing I never did was go cheap on makeup or hair products. I am starting to realize my treat to myself (MAC makeup) needs to be a un-obsession. ugh. whaaaawwwww I've made some minor adjustments using a mascara by Loreal that I found I like. Sticking to the MAC eyeshadows I already have instead of buying and buying more and more colors. I think I am going to have to give up my smashbox primer I am going to try the Hard Candy for $8 hopefully it's something I will love. I will not give up my mac foundation though. Although I have been reading reviews on Revlon Photo finish foundation. It's like $15 so for ten more I can stick to my Mac. Hey I can't give up on everything right?

I am going to have to completely stop all purchasing of purelogy hairproducts (another sad face) I picked up a couple of items from walgreens that was BOGO Got2B. I hope I like it.

I must say I am really hating this. *pouting*