Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Reigning Trifle Queen

I have gotten known for my trifles that I make. The funny thing is I love cooking absolutely love it. But I hate baking and making desserts but turns out I am pretty good at it.

So anyways back to my trifles. I get requested at work to make them all of the time. It's funny other people in other departments will come up to me and tell me how good they are. What makes that funny is that the bowl I make them in has our department name. So what are they doing going into my bowl?! lol Nah I don't mind afterall "sharing is caring" A couple of ladies have asked me for the recipe and apparently theirs don't come out as good as mine.

So what makes me the queen. Well I started off making what I call the original recipe which is a white chocolate raspberry trifle and after that it got to the point that I would never make the same one twice. I was just always wanting to try out different things.

So anyways the month of February was my month to host our staff meeting and the host brings desserts. This is my last staff meeting I wanted to make something extra special for my department. so I got to thinking I knew I was going to make a trifle. But how was I going to incorporate everyones' favorite. So I stole the idea of using mason jars. I went out and bought 24 mason jars. I made four different kind of trifle. Three of them were the majority favorites and then I added a new one. I had to do a new one. So anyways here is the pictures of my hard work. It was a lot of prep work and it wasn't cheap. But the looks of everyones faces was worth it. I had this idea to label each jar with a picture of what kind ie: oreo, chocolate..etc then I included a cute dessert or chocolate quote on the labels. So we went around the room and everyone read their quote out loud. They got a kick out of it and ironically with out really choosing the quote people got quotes that suited them.

Drool over the pics :)


The End Results

From left to right

white chocolate raspberry, rolo carmel chocolate, triple chocolate and oreo cookie