Sunday, February 27, 2011


good bye Illinois. Here I am Indianapolis. This weekend was the weekend I made the move into my boyfriend's. I didn't think that I would have these weird emotions. Or maybe I should say lack of emotions. It was a weird weekend to come. It's the weekend of his late wife's anniversary. So how do you feel? He keeps asking me if I am ok. I say yes but I know I am not. Not in a bad way or anything, kinda indifferent.

Since I made the decision to move I've never been happier. I needed the change in all aspects of my life. I am truly thankful to have found him. I have been anxious to make this move now I am just blah. I guess it didn't help that seeing everyone before I left was kind of sad. It was hard to see people crying and sad I was leaving especially since I was so happy.

If anyone is reading this blog. I know it doesn't make any sense. I am sorry. I am just kind of scattered.

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